Where Does All The Marine Plastic Go?

Where Does All The Marine Plastic Go?

In the May 2020 issue of Physics World, science journalist Marric Stevens wrote about the problem of the missing plastic in the world’s oceans. Although we are starting to see large amounts of plastic in the oceans, the quantity is far smaller than we expect to see – based on the quantities of plastic being released into the oceans every year. In the latest episode of the Physics World Stories podcast, Andrew Glester digs deeper into the mystery to find out where the plastic might be ending up.

To learn about the threat of plastic to marine wildlife, Glester meets Lucy Quinn, a seabird ecologist with the British Antarctic Survey. Quinn was the researcher who captured public awareness of the plastics issue when she appeared in the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 showing the horrific impacts of ingested plastic on an Albatross colony in Bird Island, South Georgia.

To listen to the full podcast, visit PhysicsWorld.com.

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