How To Quit Single-Use Plastic

How To Quit Single-Use Plastic

It’s nearly 2020 and it sometimes feels like our society is just starting to figure out that plastic sucks. Like, really—all plastic is pretty terrible. It ends up in our oceans, kills our wildlife, plants, and natural habitats, emits dangerous greenhouse gases that exacerbate global warming, and somehow, even makes its way back into our own bellies as microplastics. Say it with me: Gross.

But single-use plastic in particular is some of the worst stuff on (and for) the planet. If you’re new to the sustainable living game, single-use plastic is a plastic item specifically designed for a single use.

So, for example, you use a sandwich baggie to house your lunch, remove the sandwich, and throw away the baggie. #SingleUsePlastic. You grab a plastic bag at the store to bag your fruits and veggies. You bring the produce home in the bag, then throw out the bag. #SingleUsePlastic. You’re parched while out in public so you visit the nearest vending machine and buy a bottle of water for $3. Once you finish the water, you throw out (or even recycle!) the bottle.

It’s still #SingleUsePlastic even if you throw it in the recycling bin, as even correctly-recycled single-use plastic can find its way into our oceans and also doesn’t break down in landfills for hundreds of years.

So, how can you break this single-use plastic cycle? By reading up on the best plastic-free tips and tricks.

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